Reginald Coles, III

Reginald Coles, III is a 20 year veteran of education. He has been a teacher, assistant principal, district administrator and is currently director of the student discipline/ behavior support department for his school district. He believes in the potential of all children to be dynamic and successful academically and behaviorally. 


Erin Coles

Erin Barksdale has been in education for 14 years. She is a proud Spelman alum (English Literature) and has a masters degree in Organization/ School Leadership Leadership from Columbia. A huge Beyonce fan, Erin has been a teacher, an assistant principal, and is currently serving as an elementary school principal. 


LaShaun Jackson

LaShaun Jackson has worked in social service and education fields for over 25 years. He is the founder of Applied Relaxation Technological Systems (A.R.T.S.), Black Light Entertainment, and CIRCLE Foundation (a non profit organization that operates an alternative high school and several mentoring programs.


Andrea Jackson

Andrea Jackson is a wife, mother, 17 year veteran teacher of Chicago Public Schools and CCO of her family business, Good2GoVeggie. She strives to help people see the best in themselves and always work to their greatest potential. Her proudest achievement is being a mother of two amazing children. She lives by the motto, "Everything that's created, begins in the mind."